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The 6 Week Online Training From Novice To Nifty Networker

Are You Struggling To Get New Leads?

(Don't be embarrassed, it is not your fault, you have not been shown how!)

Believe me I know and understand the frustration of feeling alone in a business world that seems so filled with promise. And sometimes opportunity seems so close, but when it comes, you just seem to shrink away from the door and are afraid to knock.

Networking is an amazing skill to learn, when you see people who seem like social butterflies, effortlessly flitting from one golden opportunity to another, always smiling always shaking hands, I bet you think it’s very natural. And for some it is, but for the vast majority, no matter how they come by it, it is actually learned behaviour! YES, You Too Can LEARN TO NETWORK!

And now I just want to get the word out so that other business women know about this wonderful option! I Want Business Women To Know How To “Work A Room”, Seize Profitable Opportunities And Teach Their Contacts To Do It For Them.

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You Have Probably Heard Some (All) Of These ...



    Absolute “tosh”.  I’m an introvert and I’m an excellent networker.  And, there is nothing I love more at the end of a working day, (particularly when I have spent it with a lot of people) or the end of a social event, than to go home snuggle into my PJ’s and drink a cup of tea whilst catching up on Netflix.

    Introverts (or those of us, like me, with introverted tendencies) tend to recharge our energy by spending time alone. We lose our energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds.

    Extroverts, on the other hand, gain energy from other people. Extroverts actually find their energy is sapped when they spend too much time alone. They recharge by being social.

    So, networking is perfect for EVERYONE.  It’s knowing how to re-charge your personal batteries that is important.

    Because here’s what you have to understand about building a powerful network…

    It’s not about being introverted or extroverted. You don’t need to be the most charismatic person in the room in order to connect with like-minded people.


    Can I say “tosh” again?  Bold and brash people do get noticed, that is true.  BUT they are not always noticed for all the right reasons.

    I love to watch a woman elegantly and gracefully work the room.  Gently connecting with others, making sure that they all know each other.  She doesn’t need to be bold and brash or loud to be noticed.  Her energy is magnetic, everyone in the room wants to know her


    First of all networking is NOT about sales.  Networking is about building relationships before you even know that you need them.

    When you do get to the part where you are in the sales process you only need one great connection to get the sale that you want.  When you know who you want to work with so intimately that you would know them the moment that they walked into a room you don’t need to be fixated on the numbers.

    You are ONE phone call away from your perfect client!


    What I believe is that you can have a business that runs easily.  I don’t believe in “hard” or “hustle” or “giving it all you have got”.  What I believe in is VISION and CLARITY and SPECIFICITY and CONNECTION.  When you have them, and other tools that you will learn, that you do not have to work hard to get the business.


    My response earlier was that networking is NOT about sales.  Networking is about building relationships before you even know that you need them.

    BUT, if I had a $1 for every woman who told me that networking didn’t work for her because she had gone to ONE meeting and did not get any business then I would be a VERY wealthy woman.  Getting the sale is NOT the purpose of networking.


    It is true that networking is a process and not an event but that does not mean that it is the longest marketing strategy to get clients.

    You do need to put in the effort at the beginning AND before you even think of attending a networking event there is some primary planning and foundational work that needs to be done.  Thereafter, it is down to you to ensure that you commit to networking as a strategy.


    You don’t have to build relationships with everyone. There’s actually a specific strategy for identifying the key people that you are going to invest your valuable time in.

    Also, you don’t need to spend three days a week at networking events. In fact, the most effective ways to connect with the people that you want to meet are not time consuming at all!

    You don’t have to follow the same old networking “strategies” that feel forced and unnatural. Instead, there’s a way to connect on an authentic, personal level.  We work on what style is best for you.

Women Who Know That Networking Works!

Meet Gina Romero

(She went from quaking in her shoes and showering us in red wine to working with Sheryl Sandberg!)

Gina and I met in 2005 when she attended one of her first networking events. She made quite the impression when she was so determined not to be noticed that she managed to shower us in red wine when she picked up her notes. Her knees were knocking, her voice was quavering and she really did not want to be there.  Now she speaks on global stages, is working with Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook on a special project for women.

Fast forward a few years, in Gina's words ...

"Joining The Athena Network in 2005 was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

I am very passionate about sharing my networking success, as someone who could barely manage a monthly minute - to a confident entrepreneur, advocate and speaker!

Networking, quite literally, opened a world of opportunity for me. My networking journey has taken me from the UK to Singapore and now the Philippines.

I am so grateful to Jacqueline Rogers and The Athena Network for the tremendous support and encouragement over the years.

I only dare to do what I do - because of you.

Entrepreneurship is an empowering, exhilarating experience and the constant hustle and uncertainty can be exhausting.

When you network it means you don't have to go it alone."

Gina Romero,
CEO Connected Women

I'm proud to call Gina a friend and it has been amazing seeing how she has flourished over the years

They "Met" Their Ideal Client Avatar

(When you do the work in Module 2 then getting connected to your ideal client is easy)

Jo Has Taken Her Business From Local To Global

(Jo admits that networking sounded as appealing as a trip to the dentist initially)

As a stylist, I had always aspired to be successful with my business in London, the hub of some of the World’s best fashion designers and stores. In 2013 I reluctantly visited a local meeting of The Athena Network in Buckinghamshire when a good friend dragged me along.

At the time the idea of ‘networking’ sounded as appealing as going to the dentist! I loved it! It was nothing like I’d anticipated and I received such a lovely, warm welcome I joined that day. In those first two years in Athena I absorbed all the training, guidance, and the generous support I received & lay the foundations for my business as it is today. I am now a member of two London groups, and I have taken the exciting step to move to London. Being a member has enabled me to grow my venture in areas which I had only dreamed of; with designers, tabloids, charities and amazing clients who are kick-ass women ready to step into a male dominated workplace. The Athena Network has become my HR, personnel department & staff canteen - someone is always to hand to help you deal with a problem as a solopreneur. I am creating new dreams now of expanding my business abroad - inspired by women whom I have met in Athena London who ‘make things work’ to suit themselves & their business. Amazing what we can achieve when we have the support of other incredible women.

Jo Baldwin Trott

Working A Room In Heels Is Revealing & Exciting

(I've got your back covered from the moment that you choose to enrol on the course)

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Who Is Working A Room In Heels For?

Business Women & Employees ...

The 'PATH OF F.A.M.E' Your Fast Track To More Quality Referrals & Clients

NOW Is The Time To Become FAMEous ...

Definition: FAME is "the state of being known or recognised by many people because of your achievements, skills, etc.:"

Synonyms: renown, celebrity, stardom, popularity, notability, note, distinction, prominence, esteem, importance, account, consequence, greatness, eminence, pre-eminence, glory, honour, illustriousness, prestige, stature, standing, reputation, repute; notoriety, infamy.

Are you ready to start attracting the perfect CLIENTS, make more MONEY, confidently "work the room"?.  If you are committed to making a MEANINGFUL contribution, serve your clients AND you have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life

Then I would suggest that we get started …

What Is Working A Room In Heels®?

Working A Room In Heels® is a six-week video training program that teaches you how to go from NOVICE to NIFTY Networker and get the QUALITY REFERRALS and CLIENTS that YOU want! 

A Walk Through The Path of F.A.M.E.


Even before you start with the FOUNDATION Module you will have started to get clear on what it is that you desire from your business. That means we can step into the vision for your business to ensure that it becomes a reality.

We explore "The Mental Game of Networking", your attitude, behaviours, beliefs around networking. Using a powerful visualisation technique, easy to follow steps and tools you will create a vision for your networking; 90 Days, 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year, 10 Year.  You will feel your vision come alive right before your very eyes because you know EXACTLY what it is you want.


When you know exactly who your target market (ideal client) is, when you’ve done the research, and you’ve looked into your own heart and soul to get clear on who you are meant to serve – everything in your business becomes so much easier!

When you know who you are specifically serving it enables you to decide what your networking message is, what your website should look like, what your branding looks and feels like, and what products and services you will offer. In addition, you will know what price points your products and services will be set at because you will be valuing what you do even more.


In the mastery stage of the “Path of F.A.M.E” you are delivering an outstanding experience for everyone who comes into connection with you.

You are CONSISTENTLY referred to the CLIENTS YOU DESIRE and you have turned your ELEVATOR PITCH into a PROFITABLE ASSET

You are magnetic! Strategy, systems and structure are integral to your success and it means that it is easier for you to serve an even wider audience. People rely on you to provide them with the best connections/referrals and you are known as a person of influence.


Your habits are in alignment with the networking success that you visioned and you consistently and diligently ensure that you are connected to your network so that you are front and centre of their mind.

You are a masterful networker and known for nurturing your network, you’ve created your own power circle and they trust you to provide them with the best connections.

You don't leave your continued success to chance. You have your assets, your successful systems in place that enable you to enjoy working on your business in the areas that you love the most.

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How Will The Course Be Delivered?


Let me teach you step-by-step how you can network at any event, in any circumstance and promote yourself and your business successfully. I will share the skills that I implemented for myself and that I teach members of The Athena Network so that you can experience how exciting and profitable networking can be.

I want to make sure that you don’t go through the misery that I experienced and trudge around events getting nothing more than a widening waistline and an aching jaw from smiling so much.


    So that we can co-create an extraordinary lifestyle business for you a Welcome Packet has been designed to enable you to start digging deep into your desires, shift your mindset and get clarity on how you imagine your business to be.

    Only when you have designed your business in your mind and understood what has held you back in the past will you achieve the success you deserve.


    Working A Room In Heels training modules are released weekly and consist of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, resource files, and easy to follow strategies. All of the training is online, contained in the private member only training portal.

    You will follow a path from novice networker to masterful networker and then loop back again.  There is a reason for that!  As we evolve we need to go back to the basics and review our vision, our ideal client, our message.  We cannot assume it is the same it was last year, definitely not three years ago.  Constantly reviewing, applying, expanding.  The Path of F.A.M.E enables you to Create | Connect | Inspire


    You are going to deep dive into your business and get ready to achieve incredible success! To support you  every Monday during the training  you will be reminded to set your intentions and every Friday you will be reminded to reflect on the week.  This focus and reflection on your end result will enable you to achieve your goals quicker and more gracefully.

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PLUS: Bonus "Level Up" Lessons


These include FAST, quick-action STRATEGIES that you can use RIGHT NOW to take your business to the next level


One of the reasons I love to teach this topic is I appreciate who women like us become as a result of creating financial freedom.

Money is currency and currency is energy. The energetic and vibrational increase that occurs for a woman in terms of her confidence, self esteem, self worth and personal development is the piece that excites me the most which is why I am delighted to make this bonus available.

It is a powerful lesson if you have struggled with earning (or keeping) money. Learn how early conditioning and the relationship that you had with money as a child is affecting you as a businesswoman now.


This Intensive Series for women who are done with a life of mediocrity, scraping around and being grateful for the scraps in their life and business

Find Out How To Activate Your Super Conscious Mind And Create Wealth in this powerful series of 6 30 minute modules.

This topic hits women DIRECTLY in their hearts, (which is a good thing), mainly because creating (the FEMININE way) tells the beautiful story of how we as woman, using these 6 steps, are LITERALLY overcoming the struggles that almost ALL women have gone through, and are going through, which means, most likely you are too …

Each of the modules are available as a download so that they can be accessed at a time that suits you!

Meet Jacqueline Y B Rogers

Why Would You Want To Be Trained By Me?

Here Are A Few Reasons You Might Want To Work With Me ...

I'm An Introvert Who Learnt To Work The Room!

And Then Created (and franchised) A Networking Organisation For Women!

And, Over 14 Years, I Have Worked With Thousands of Business Women And Taught Them How To Network

How One Burnt Out, Corporate 'High Achiever' Introvert Left The Corporate Sector, Set Up Her Own Training, Mentoring and Coaching Business AND Developed An International Networking Organisation ... BY NETWORKING!

One important thing for me to share with you is that I am an introvert … you would not believe that if you met me, I look completely comfortable in a room of business people and I confidently “work the room” making introductions and ensuring key people get together.

My one wish is that I had known and learnt how to network when I was working in the corporate sector. It would have saved me sleepless nights and I know that I’d have had some amazing financial rewards. Because I have experienced it now I realise I would have had a consistent income with little effort.

I want to share my personal story that all started 15 years ago ...

Overnight, I Found Myself Unemployed!

I had worked for corporate America for over 12 years, extremely successful in a sales role working with clients like KPMG, Price Waterhouse, British Aerospace, BT implementing their training solutions for thousands of their employees.

After working for corporate America for over 12 years I found myself applying for voluntary redundancy! I wasn’t having half as much fun as I used to in my job, I just didn’t know the colour of my own front door I was leaving so early in the morning and getting home so late.

Work was becoming a struggle for me and I firmly believe if you aren’t enjoying something then you need to find something you will enjoy doing instead.

I was one of the lucky ones, I did get a redundancy package. Although the money doesn't tend to last long when you are a single parent of two boys who are going through college.

Fortunately I had invested in my own training the whole time I was employed, a qualified NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, passing my coaching diploma with a distinction I thought I was pretty much set to start my own business in training and development.

How deluded I was! I had the skills to work with clients, I had great results when I did. I just didn’t know how to get them.

I Thought Clients Would Find Me!

Leaving the corporate sector was the easy part! Setting up in business was one of my greatest challenges in life; now with no team, little infrastructure and no clue of what I was doing I needed to find clients.

Business advisors, mentors and coaches assured me that networking was the key way of achieving my business goals. This from a 'princess' who had a telemarketing team organising all her appointments and getting her "in the door".

But I Don't Know What To Do!

My business coach recommended that I start networking … honestly I’d have sooner poked a needle in my eye than attend a networking event (to be fair I wasn’t even sure what one was). So I dutifully attended several events, found myself getting frustrated and fat (there is a lot of eating that goes on) and all so I could just tell my coach “I did it!”

He urged me to stick at it and I said to him “it wouldn’t be half as bad if I knew what I was doing”, to which he replied “with the resources and training you have had if you don’t know how to do it you should model someone who does!”

I took the challenge and what I realised was with all the events that I was going to; open networking, organised networking, breakfast events, industry specific events, no one was given any direction. I was seriously out of options. "Surely there must be a network I want to be in a network that will teach me what to do!

Should I Start My Own Networking Organisation?

The trainer in me took the challenge and instead of attempting to find a network that suited me I decided that I would create my own!

In 2005 The Athena Network was launched, in 2006 it was incorporated and I had franchised the business so that other women all over the UK were able to experience not only networking but lessons in how to do it! The missing link, the training, needed to be provided for us to be able to achieve success. The training doesn’t start when ladies arrive at our events, it starts from our first communication. What I had learnt was that I was most likely to not go to an event if I didn’t know what was going to happen, so with preparation and planning I felt resourceful and confident.

So How Does An Introvert Work A Room?

Will it come as a surprise now to learn that I am an introvert? How could I, a woman who works comfortably in isolation become so good at networking, so adept at “working a room?”

I learnt how! I applied all the skills from the corporate sector, all my NLP skills, marketing skills, negotiations skills, sales training and applied them to a training model that would ensure success for all businesses whether they are new to networking or have networked for many years.

I Unlocked The Secrets To Building Profitable Business Relationships!

Networking is simple and it is a skill that takes planning, commitment and consistent application for it to be successful. I took time working on my mindset, my vision, getting clear on my desires and the opportunities started to come in effortlessly.

Can I Support You To Develop A Strategy For Business Growth Through Networking?

Have you heard the expression “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’ll always be right?” The valuable lesson I learnt from my business mentor was that in order to achieve success I had to model excellence.

I’m not professing to be excellent in everything I do … I am brilliant at working at room though, passing referrals, connecting the right people, planning strategies for growth, creating and facilitating strategic alliances, noticing where improvements can be made and I’d be happy for you to learn those skills from me.

I want to be able to teach you to get a guaranteed consistent, stable income from your networking. But you know what the best part is …

We all benefit from your new learnings, the contributions that you will make to your network, both personal and professional

Finally, learning the art of “Working A Room” is a process that I've found effortless and enjoyable. I’m indebted to my network of colleagues, suppliers and friends and it is a real pleasure to be able to support them and contribute to their success, that is my wish for you. And really, at the end of the day... What's more important than that?

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Your Investment


Your investment for Working A Room In Heels is ...

Just £297 TODAY

VAT is included

Payment For Working A Room In Heels ...


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    As soon as your purchase is made you will receive a confirmation email and details about the next steps.

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Do You Have Any Questions For Me Before You Commit To Working A Room In Heels?


How much does Working A Room In Heels training cost?

The cost of the training is just £197 (+ VAT if you are in the UK).  You get access to all the training modules.  Read the section “How Do We Do It?” for a comprehensive list of what is included for your investment.

Do you have a guarantee for the programme?

I offer a 6 week satisfaction guarantee so if, by the end of the 6 weeks, you cannot see how the course would pay for itself I will refund you. To do that I would require evidence that you have watched all the modules, completed the activities, implemented the strategies and participated in the course.

What I can guarantee is that if you complete the training, commit to the process, engage in the Facebook group and support other members, then you set YOURSELF up for success.

Are there any additional costs with the training?

Once you have invested in this training there will be no additional costs due to me. It is highly likely that you would want to make an investment in additional collaterals, equipment/services for your business as a result of the suggestions from the training.

Can I speak to someone about the training?

Yes of course you can! If your question about the training has not been answered you can message Jacqueline Rogers www.facebook.com/businessnetworkingmadeeasy to discuss the training and how it will help you.

I'm not on Facebook can I still take part?

You will not miss out on any of the training if you are not in the Facebook group.  The training modules are hosted on a private platform. The only thing that you would miss is the live interaction with other delegates in the Facebook group. I personally pop into the Facebook group with insights and additional support (these are also added to the training portal). We will also be sending you updates that include a review of what is happening in the group.

Who is this programme for?

Whether you are a novice networker or a nifty networker, if you want to have more clients and attract them to you easily when you are networking then this course is for you.

If you are disillusioned with how how slowly you are getting clients, when you feel isolated and are not meeting the people you know will make a difference to you, or you lack the confidence to network, are lying awake worrying about cash flow, worrying about where your next piece of business is going to come from.  This is perfect for you.

What if I can't keep up with the training?

Most importantly, let me reassure you that there no such thing as “falling behind” when learning these skills. I would prefer that you went through it in your own time at a pace that feels comfortable to you than never learn the content at all. For as long as the course is available you have access to it so take as long as you need to take.

What you will learn through this course is that getting quality referrals is a lot easier than you might already have imagined. By going through the training you will learn simple strategies that mean you will save time and attract the quality referrals that you desire … that is my promise to you!

I'd love to take the course but I just cannot afford it at the moment

I know what it feels like lying awake at night wondering how you are going to pay the mortgage, to pay school fees let along having any spare cash to pay for a course where there is no guarantee of the outcome for you. If you are in business for yourself, and you do not have the clients then something about your business is not working and it needs to change.

Unless you recognise what is not working you cannot do anything about it! This course will enable you to recognise what is not working and get the referrals and clients you desire. If you are not happy with that I offer a 6 week satisfaction guarantee so if, by the end of the 6 weeks, you cannot see how the course would pay for itself I will refund you. To do that I would require evidence that you have watched all the modules, completed the activities, implemented the strategies and participated in the course.

What if I don't have my own business and I'm an employee?

What I teach is applicable for business owners and employees. You may need to clarify some of the module details with your team / line manager to ensure that you get the best results. My background in the corporate sector gives me an insight to what you might require and I am always available to answer specific questions in the Facebook group.

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Are You Ready To Make A Commitment To Getting Quality Referrals & Clients...?


  • Business Acceleration: ACCELERATE GROWTH in your business
  • Advisement: The feeling of 'being alone' in business is gone. ISOLATION is banished
  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively to ACHIEVE MORE on projects, products, partnerships
  • Extend your network: EXPAND your network exponentially and RAPIDLY
  • Confident: Walk into any room feeling PREPARED & CONFIDENT
  • Memorable: Create an amazing FIRST IMPRESSION (while still feeling like yourself)
  • Connect: Make MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS which keep you top of mind long after the event ends
  • Inspired: INSPIRE and be INSPIRED in the Facebook group
  • Plan: Create A SIMPLE REPLICABLE PLAN To Attract More Clients
  • Habits: What You Must Do Consistently To FILL YOUR PIPELINE
  • Popular: How To Become The Most POPULAR BUSINESS PERSON
  • Raving Fans: Learn The 1 System That Will GET PEOPLE RAVING About You
  • Cashflow: What You Must Do To KEEP CASH FLOWING!
  • Measure: Learn How To MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS
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